What We Do

Sponsored Project

The Reusable Resources Adventure Center: The Kiwanis Club of Melbourne has established The Reusable Resources Adventure Center, a testament to its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. This center serves as a hub for recycling and repurposing materials, offering a wide range of resources and educational programs to the community.

The Reusable Resources Adventure Center provides a platform for individuals and organizations to donate, exchange, and repurpose materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. This initiative helps reduce waste, promote sustainability, and foster creativity by giving new life to discarded items. Moreover, the center offers educational workshops and interactive programs to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire a more eco-conscious mindset within the community.

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Key Club Sponsorships

Our Kiwanis club supports Key Club service projects, facilitate the Key Club meetings, provide mentorships and provide college scholarships for the Key Club students. We are currently sponsoring the following Kiwanis Key clubs:

  • West Shore, Melbourne, FL
  • Melbourne Central Catholic, Melbourne, FL