Let’s Play! Workshops

KIWANIS LET’S PLAY! A Play Leadership Training Program Promoting Literacy, Creativity, & Healthy Families Through Play in Public Libraries

Discover the Magic of Play with Kiwanis Let’s Play! Our innovative Play Leadership Training Program is creating waves of joyful learning and powerful connections. Families gathered recently at the Eau Gallie Public Library for an enchanting “play workshop” experience presented by the Kiwanis Club of Melbourne and the Reusable Resources Adventure Center.


🌟 Linda S., Grandparent: “I’d like to encourage other libraries, other places in the community, to invest in the Kiwanis Clubs and let them come and provide this type of discovery learning environment for people, for children in particular, so that children can learn at different levels and benefit on a personal level. I’m just grateful for that opportunity.”

🌟 Abigail S., Melbourne Central Catholic Key Club: “This was such a wonderful experience that every child deserves to experience at least once. I will always look forward to these types of opportunities and can’t wait to help out in the future.”

🌟 Sue S., Mother with Jamis & Ruby: “My son and daughter had a blast playing today. It was wonderful watching them use their imagination creating mazes using the blocks, building a playground seesaw, towers, and recreating Disney characters. Thank you for this fun opportunity.”

Unleash Creativity:

Children, parents, and grandparents delved into a world of open-ended materials including foam blocks, plastic caps, stretchy fabric, and Discovery Blocks. All ages from toddlers to adults participated, building three-dimensional wonders together. Parents received blank booklets for documenting their shared experiences.

Empower Learning:

Engaging in play with open-ended materials nurtures imagination, creative thinking, effective communication, and listening skills. Parents observe, listen, and bond with their children, fostering literacy and a strong foundation for success.

Ignite Imagination:

Children’s drawings and stories naturally emerge from these STEAM activities, promoting literacy through self-expression. Families explored, created, and built memories together.

Join the Movement:

Be a part of the Let’s Play revolution! Experience the magic of active learning, connection, and creativity. Our KIWANIS Play Leadership Training Program is supported by a grant from the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.

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See Literacy Flourish, One Play at a Time.

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